"Catch of the Day" Campaign Presents Trash Fresh from the Sea

To bring attention to the issue of ocean pollution, the Surfrider Foundation teamed up with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA to create the “Catch of the Day” campaign. Actual trash collected from beaches around the U.S. was re-packaged as food and left on display at farmer’s markets to create a impactful, site-specific message. By addressing consumers at the point of purchase, the “Catch of the Day” reminds seafood buyers that ocean pollution isn’t someone else’s problem; rather, it impacts individuals on a daily basis.  Some of the repackaged items include cigarette butts from Venice Beach, California; aerosol cans from South Padre Beach, Texas; and condoms from Newport Beach, California. While environmental campaigns often emphasize shock value above all else, the Surfrider project tempers startling subjects with a restrained presentation and refined target audience. 

Aw no 😔


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Daylight licked me into shape 
I must have been asleep for days 
And moving lips to breathe her name 
I opened up my eyes 
And found myself alone alone 
Alone above a raging sea 
That stole the only girl I loved 
And drowned her deep inside of me 

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guys I’m sorry for the drunk nonsense I’m leaving soon it’s just that I can hear four different drake songs from the neighboring houses right now

I can see so many porches from my porch what if we just set up a zipline system 

or soup cans on a string so I can yell at my neighbors when they play shitty music like they’re doing right now

PSA: drunk blogging is dangerous don’t do it

I want to start a punk band called Horse Cop who’s with me

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And love is a murderer
Love is a murderer
But if she calls you tonight
Everything is all right

for some reason drinking alone doesn’t seem quite so pathetic now that I have my own place

or maybe it’s just as pathetic and I’m actually just an alcoholic trying to justify the fact that I started drinking as soon as I got off work this afternoon lol who knows