went to the old opera house with Maggie

fujifilm GA645W, kodak portra 400


definitely going back to this place as soon as possible, but with the right film and a functional flash so I can get photos of the interior. it was super spooky but oddly nostalgic in a way. also covered in asbestos, but a little short-term exposure is essentially harmless, right?

doctors say she has meningitis, but not the most curable kind. they say she might be okay with treatment.

that’s pretty much all I know at this point, seeing as I’m getting all my information from my mom’s facebook wall. apparently she’s too busy caring for Marla to keep me updated, but not too busy to post photos of my stepmom asleep in her hospital bed on facebook. I don’t know. she won’t call me.

so I’m just up here, thousands of miles away, refreshing my facebook newsfeed and being completely useless

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And life is so sad in this house out there, 
his window’s alright, 
his garden is wonderful.
But this waterfall salt tears comes from him, 
he will fill his house.
He takes my hand and whispers:
I’ll drown when I see you.
These tears run so fast in his house out there he tried to get out, 
his house took our hands and smiled.
I take his hand, 
we sink.
I’ll drown when I see you.

I really feel like staying in tonight and maybe crying a lot and other fun things like that but I should probably go this allston party instead